Selling a Property

Do you own an equestrian estate, a hunting property, a vineyard, a property with character or a waterfront home that you would like to sell?

To list a property for sale, several steps must be completed.

Valuation of your property by BARNES Propriétés & Châteaux

Whether you own an equestrian estate in Normandy, a hunting property in Sologne, a forest in Brittany or a vineyard in Bordeaux, our consultants are ready to offer you their expertise. They assess the value of your property, free of charge, using their knowledge of the region and type of property and their expertise in the real estate sector.

Listing your property for sale

The consultants of BARNES Propriétés & Châteaux are available to help you define the best strategy for selling your property and meeting your goals.

Many aspects are taken into account, such as the type of property, its geographic location, the current market, demand, etc. A sale price is set as close as possible to the market price. Selling times for prestigious properties can vary greatly based on demand and, especially, the asking price.

Communication to promote your property

In order to sell your property at the best price and as quickly as possible, a specific communication strategy is developed. Based on the type of property, we target national and international magazines, specialized websites in France and abroad as well as regional and trade publications (Figaro Magazine, Belles Demeures, the Financial Times, Jours de chasse, etc.). Our group also produces its own publications such as our magazine “BARNES Luxury Homes,” which is distributed in 150,000 copies as well as to subscribers of Le Figaro.

For each new property, our consultants create a file containing photos, plans and detailed descriptions. These files are then sent to targeted buyers or to our agencies in France and abroad.


Each consultant at BARNES Propriétés & Châteaux has visited and is familiar with all the properties for sale to be able to respond to every enquiry as effectively as possible and offer the best advice to their client buyers. For every scheduled viewing with our clients, we ensure that the owner is available and arrange the property so that it looks its best. We are committed to providing you with regular reports by email or telephone to remain proactive in selling your property.

Each one of our BARNES French Countryside Properties consultants has thorough knowledge of their property portfolio to be able to offer the best advice to increasingly demanding clients.


Throughout the selling process, we look after the interests of each party to move towards a common goal. Our role is essential and its purpose is to advise, guide, inform and reassure you. We therefore ensure that all the pieces are in place to complete the sale in accordance with the needs of both parties.

The preliminary agreement and final deed of sale

Once the negotiating stage has ended and the buyer’s offer has been accepted, a preliminary sales agreement is drafted and signed. The seller is then obligated to complete the sale. For the agreement to be valid, the buyer must pay a down payment of 5% to 10% of the property’s value. This amount will be deducted from the sale price when the final deed is signed.

Two to three months is needed between the signing of the preliminary agreement and the final deed to gather all required documents and information (birth certificates, planning certificate, declaration of sale filed at the town hall, cadastral information, the seller’s bank and mortgage, the buyer’s bank and mortgage if they applied for a loan, etc.).

Documents needed to sell a property

The documents required to sell a property may be requested at the time the preliminary agreement or the final deed of sale is signed.

Energy Performance Certificate This document is mandatory as soon as the property is listed for sale. It is valid for 10 years and rates the energy efficiency of a home on a scale of A to G (energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission).

Measurement of surface area (French “Carrez” law) Although not required for houses, this measurement is mandatory for co-ownerships and apartments. There is no expiry date as long as no changes have been made to the property’s structure (any time construction work is carried out, the solicitor can require a new measurement to be taken). 

Note: Although there is a tolerated margin of error, it is limited to 5%. Beyond this, the owner will be required to lower the price by the same amount.

Additional documents to be provided when signing the preliminary agreement:

Certificate on the risk of exposure to lead (only for homes built before January 1, 1949): If the concentration of lead is higher than the legally defined threshold, a new inspection must be carried out. If not, the initial report remains valid.

Asbestos (only for buildings for which construction began before July 1, 1997): this certificate has no expiry date and states the presence or non-presence of asbestos.

Termites: this certificate is valid for 3 months and states the presence or non-presence of termites (based on areas defined by order of the Préfet).

Domestic gas survey: this document is valid for 3 years. It concerns gas installations that are over 15 years old in order to evaluate whether they function properly and comply with standards.

Natural and technological risks: This document is valid for 6 months. Its purpose is to inform the buyer of predictable natural risks (e.g., flooding) and technological risks (e.g., relay antennas). It also states the presence of seismic risks in the geographic area concerned.

Electrical survey: valid for 3 years and concerns installations that are over 15 years old.

Wastewater treatment system: Valid for 3 years and certifies the compliance of installations. All types of equipment are concerned including connections to the sewer system, collective sanitation systems and septic tanks.

Note 1: It is recommended to carry out all of these inspections and surveys as soon as the property is listed for sale given their long period of validity (with the exception of termites). This will enable the buyer to make a confident decision. 

Note 2: These documents are mandatory (asbestos, termites, lead, electricity and gas) and must be provided at the time the final deed of sale is signed. Otherwise, measures can be taken against the seller (from lowering the selling price to completely cancelling the sale, if a hidden defect becomes apparent).

2 You can request the price to be lowered in proportion to the number of square meters missing. This action must be filed before the district court (tribunal de grande instance) within one year of signing the final deed.

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